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2.4. 游戏行动失误~再调度失误 | 返回IPG目录 | 2.6. 游戏行动失误~未维护游戏状态

2.5 Game Rule Violation 违反游戏规则

Penalty 处罚

Warning 警告


This infraction covers the majority of game situations in which a player makes an error or fails to follow a game procedure correctly. It handles violations of the Comprehensive Rules that are not covered by the other Game Play Errors.


A. A player casts Wrath of God for 3W (actual cost 2WW).
A. 牌手支付{三}{白}来施放神之愤怒/Wrath of God(正确费用为{二}{白}{白})。
B. A player does not attack with a creature that must attack each turn.
B. 牌手没有让每回合都必须攻击的生物来进行攻击。
C. A player fails to put a creature with lethal damage into a graveyard and it is not noticed until several turns later.
C. 牌手没有将受到致命伤害的生物放进坟墓场,且在数个回合之后才发现。
D. A Phyrexian Revoker is on the battlefield that should have had a card named for it.
D. 非瑞克西亚断念妖/Phyrexian Revoker 在战场上,当初应为其说一张牌名时却没有说。
E. A player casts Brainstorm and forgets to put two cards back on top of their library.
E. 牌手施放脑力激荡/Brainstorm,却忘记将两张牌放回牌库顶。


While Game Rule Violations can be attributed to one player, they usually occur publicly and both players are expected to be mindful of what is happening in the game. It is tempting to try and “fix” these errors, but it is important that they be handled consistently, regardless of their impact on the game.


First, consider a simple backup (see section 1.4).

If a simple backup is not sufficient and the infraction falls into one or more of the following categories, and only into those categories, perform the appropriate partial fix:

• If a player forgot to untap one or more permanents at the start of their turn and it is still the same turn, untap them.
• 如果牌手在自己回合开始时忘记重置一个或数个永久物,并且当前依然是同一个回合,则重置它们。
• If a player made an illegal choice (including no choice where required) for a static ability generating a continuous effect still on the battlefield, that player makes a legal choice.
• 如果某牌手为某个在战场上之静止式异能产生的持续性效应作出的选择不合法(包括在需要作选择时未如此作),则该牌手重新作出一个符合游戏规则的选择。
• If a player failed to draw cards, discard cards, or return cards from their hand to another zone, that player does so.
• 如果某牌手未能抓牌、弃牌或忘记将牌从手上移至其他区域,则该牌手如此作。
• If an object is in an incorrect zone either due to a required zone change being missed or due to being put into the wrong zone during a zone change, the exact object is still known to all players, and it can be moved with only minor disruption to the current state of the game, put the object in the correct zone.
• 如果在改变某物件所处区域的过程中,由于遗漏要求的区域改变或将之置入错误区域,最终导致该物件所处的区域不正确,且该物件依然为所有牌手所知悉、移动此物件不会对游戏当前状态造成影响,则将该物件放入正确区域。
• If damage assignment order has not been declared, the appropriate player chooses that order.
• 如果未宣告伤害分配次序,对应牌手决定此顺序。

For each of these fixes, a simple backup may be performed beforehand if it makes applying the fix smoother. Triggered abilities are generated from these partial fixes only if they would have occurred had the action been taken at the correct time.

Otherwise, a full backup may be considered or the game state may be left as is.

For most Game Play Errors not caught within a time that a player could reasonably be expected to notice, opponents receive a Game Play Error — Failure to Maintain Game State penalty. If the judge believes that both players were responsible for a Game Rule Violation, such as due to the existence of replacement effects or a player taking action based on another player's instruction, both players receive a Game Play Error — Game Rule Violation. For example, if a player casts Path to Exile on an opponent’s creature and the opponent puts the creature into the graveyard, both players have committed this infraction.
如果没有牌手在预期其能注意到失误的合理时段内指出游戏行动失误,则所有对手均犯下了“游戏行动失误~未维护游戏状态”此违规。 如果裁判认为双方牌手在本次违反游戏规则的过程中均有责任,例如是由于现存的替代性效应而导致违反游戏规则,或是某位牌手根据另一位牌手的说明执行行动,则双方均会犯下“游戏行动失误~违反游戏规则”违规。例如,如果牌手向对手的生物施放流放之径/Path to Exile,且该对手将此生物放进坟墓场,则双方牌手均犯下本违规。