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2.2. 游戏行动失误~额外看牌 | 返回IPG目录 | 2.4. 游戏行动失误~再调度失误

2.3 Hidden Card Error 非公开牌张失误

Penalty 处罚

Warning 警告


A player commits an error in the game that cannot be corrected by only publicly available information and does so without their opponent’s permission.

This infraction only applies when a card whose identity is known to only one player is in a hidden set of cards both before and after the error.

If an additional card is seen but not added to the set, the infraction is Game Play Error —Looking at Extra Cards.


A. A player draws four cards after casting Ancestral Recall.
A. 牌手施放Ancestral Recall之后抓了四张牌。
B. A player scries two cards when they should only have scried one.
B. 牌手在只该占卜一张牌的情况下占卜了两张牌。
C. A player resolves a Dark Confidant trigger, but forgets to reveal the card before putting it into their hand.
C. 牌手结算了黑暗亲信/Dark Confidant的触发,但在将牌张置入手中之前忘了展示。
D. A player has more cards in their hand than can be accounted for.
D. 牌手的手牌数量比其应有的数量多。
E. A player casts Anticipate and picks up the top four cards of their library.
E. 牌手施放预先考虑/Anticipate,并拿起了其牌库顶的四张牌。
F. A player, going first, draws for their turn.
F. 先手的牌手在第一回合开始时抓了牌。


Though the game state cannot be reversed to the ‘correct’ state, this error can be mitigated by giving the opponent sufficient knowledge and ability to offset the error so that it is less likely to generate advantage.

If cards are placed into a public zone, then their order is known and the infraction can be handled as a Game Rule Violation. Order cannot be determined from card faces only visible to one player unless the card is in a uniquely identifiable position (such as on top of the library, or as the only card in hand.)
如果牌张被置入公开区域,这样就能够知晓其顺序,之后便可依照“违反游戏规则”处理此违规。 如果仅有一位牌手能看到牌面,便无法确定牌张之顺序,但牌张处于可唯一辨识之位置时(例如牌库顶、手上唯一的一张手牌)除外。

Be careful not to apply this infraction in situations where a publicly-correctable error subsequently leads to an uncorrectable situation such as a Brainstorm cast using green mana. In these situations, the infraction is based on that root cause.

Information about cards previously known by the opponent, such as cards previously revealed while on the top of the library or by a previous look at the hand, may be taken into account while determining the set of cards to which the remedy applies.

Always operate on the smallest set possible to remedy the error. This may mean applying the remedy to only part of a set defined by an instruction. For example, if a player resolves Collected Company, picks up three cards with one hand and then four cards with the other, the last drawn set of four cards should be used for the remedy, instead of the full set of seven cards.
修正失误时,应尽量从相关牌叠中牌张数量最少者入手。这可能意味着仅对叙述规定之牌叠中的某一部分适用修正。举例来说,如果某牌手在结算征召军伍/Collected Company时用一只手拿起了三张牌,再用另一只手拿起了四张牌,则应对后抓起的这四张牌进行修正,而不是对全部七张。


In cases where the infraction was immediately followed by moving a card from the affected set to a known location, such as by discarding, putting cards on top of the library, or playing a land, a simple backup to the point just after the error may be performed.

If the set of cards that contained the problem no longer exists, there is no remedy to be applied.

If the error put cards into a set prematurely and other operations involving cards in the set should have been performed first, the player reveals the set of cards that contains the excess and their opponent chooses a number of previously-unknown cards. Put those cards aside until the point at which they should have been legally added, then return them to the set.

If the error involves one or more cards that were supposed to be revealed, the player reveals the set of cards that contains the unrevealed cards and their opponent chooses that many previously-unknown cards. Treat those as the cards that were ‘revealed’ and return them to the set that was being selected from; the player then reperforms the action. If recreating the original selection set and reperforming the action would be too disruptive, leave the selected cards in hand.

If a set affected by the error contains more cards than it is supposed to contain, the player reveals the set of cards that contains the excess and their opponent chooses a number of previously-unknown cards sufficient to reduce the set to the correct size. These excess cards are returned to the correct location. If that location is the library, they should be shuffled into the random portion unless the owner previously knew the identity of the card/cards illegally moved; that many cards, chosen by the opponent, are returned to the top of the library instead. For example, if a player playing with Sphinx of Jwar Isle illegally draws a card, that card should be returned to the top of the library.

Upgrade: If a face-down card cast using a morph ability is discovered during the game to not have a morph ability, the penalty is a Game Loss. If the player has one or more cards with a morph ability in hand, has not added previously unknown cards to their hand since casting the card found in violation, and has discovered the error themselves, the upgrade does not apply and they may swap the card for a card with the morph ability in hand.