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MTR 7. 限制赛制规则

MTR 7.1 Deck Construction Restrictions 套牌构组限制

Limited decks must contain a minimum of forty cards. There is no maximum deck size. Any drafted or opened cards not used in a player’s Limited deck function as his or her sideboard.

Players are not restricted to four of any one card in Limited tournament play.

MTR 7.2 Card Use in Limited Tournaments 限制赛中可用的牌

Cards must be received directly from tournament officials. This product must be new and previously unopened. Magic Tabletop Mythic Championship, Grand Prix, and World Championship tournaments may have had boosters opened in order to stamp them. Each player (or team) must be given exactly the same quantity and type of product as all other players participating in the tournament. For example, if one player receives three Magic Origins boosters for a booster draft, all other players must also receive three Magic Origins boosters.

Only cards from the expansions of the boosters opened (and only cards opened or drafted in that player’s pool) may be used in a player’s deck. The following are exceptions to this rule:
只有属于比赛过程中打开之所有补充包系列的牌(以及只有在该牌手牌池中开到或轮抽的牌)才能在牌手的套牌当中使用。 此规则的例外情形如下:

  • Players may add an unlimited number of cards named Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, or Forest to their deck and sideboard. They may not add additional snow basic land cards (e.g. Snow-Covered Forest, etc) or Wastes basic land cards, even in formats in which they are legal.
  • 牌手可以将不限数量具有下列名称之牌张加入套牌及备牌中:平原/Plains、海岛/Island、沼泽/Swamp、山脉/Mountain、树林/Forest。牌手不得添加额外的雪境基本地牌(例如覆雪树林/Snow-Covered Forest这类)或荒野基本地牌,就算是在当前的赛制中这两类基本地牌属于可用牌也是一样。
  • Non-basic lands from the Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash expansions are allowed when opened in Dragon’s Maze boosters.
  • 从巨龙迷城补充包打开得到之来自再返拉尼卡与兵临古城这两个扩展系列的非基本地牌可以使用。
  • Non-basic lands from the Khans of Tarkir expansion are allowed when opened in Fate Reforged boosters.
  • 从龙命殊途补充包打开得到之来自鞑契可汗此扩展系列的非基本地牌可以使用。
  • Non-basic lands from the Zendikar Expeditions set are allowed when opened in Battle for Zendikar or Oath of the Gatewatch boosters.
  • 从再战赞迪卡或守护者誓约补充包打开得到之来自赞迪卡远探系列的非基本地牌可以使用。
  • Cards from a Masterpiece Series are allowed when opened in boosters associated with that series.
  • 从含有逸品重现牌张之相关系列打开的该类牌张可以使用。
  • Prerelease tournaments may feature additional exceptions. These will be announced as part of the Prerelease information.
  • 售前赛可能会有其他例外规定,此类规定会随着售前赛信息一同公布。

Players may ask a judge for permission to replace a card with another version of the same card.

Because it was designed specifically for multiplayer play, the use of Conspiracy boosters in sanctioned, rated Limited-format tournaments (Sealed Deck and Booster Draft) is not permitted.

Six boosters per player are recommended for individual format Sealed Deck tournaments and 3 boosters per player for individual Booster or Team Rochester Draft tournaments. For the recommended product mix for the current block, refer to Appendix D.
在此建议,进行个人现开赛时,发给每位牌手6包补充包;进行个人轮抽或团队罗彻斯特轮抽赛时,发给每位牌手3包补充包。关于当前环境下所推荐的产品构成,请参见附录 D。

If the Tournament Organizer allows players to provide their own product, that product must be pooled with the rest of the product for the tournament and randomly distributed.

If the Tournament Organizer is not providing extra land cards for use in a Limited tournament, he or she must announce this before tournament registration. Tournament Organizers may require players to return these land cards when they leave the tournament. Players may use their own basic lands during tournaments.

MTR 7.3 Continuous Construction 连续构组

Players participating in Limited tournaments that do not use decklists may freely change the composition of their decks between matches by exchanging cards from their deck for cards in their sideboard without being required to return their deck to its original composition before their next match. The Head Judge or Tournament Organizer must inform players if this option is not being used prior to the start of deck construction. This option is not available at Competitive or Professional Rules Enforcement Level tournaments.

MTR 7.4 Abnormal Product 异常产品

Neither Wizards of the Coast nor the Tournament Organizer guarantee any specific distribution of card rarities or frequency in a particular booster pack or tournament pack. If a player receives an unconventional distribution of rarities or frequencies in a particular booster pack or tournament pack, he or she must call a judge. The final decision to replace or allow the atypical product is at the discretion of the Head Judge and the Tournament Organizer.

MTR 7.5 Sealed Deck Pool Registration 登记现开套牌牌池

In Sealed Deck tournaments, the Head Judge may require players to perform a Sealed Deck pool registration procedure prior to deck construction:

• Each player is distributed the appropriate number of booster packs. The boosters should be marked in a way that distinguishes they came from the Tournament Organizer for that tournament.
• 每位牌手获得对应数量的补充包。补充包上应有明确记号,证明其属于比赛主办人为本次比赛所发之补充包。
• Players on one side of each table open their boosters (Player A). The player directly across (Player B) observes this. Both players will observe and verify the contents of those boosters. After this process, the opened cards are stacked face down in a single pile and placed near Player B.
• 同位于所有桌子某一侧的牌手打开手中的所有补充包(牌手 A)。坐于其正对面的牌手(牌手 B)查看此流程。双方牌手共同查看并核对补充包的内容。在此流程后,将开得的牌面朝下地放成一堆,并放在靠近牌手 B 的地方。
• Player B will now open their boosters. Player A observes. Both players will observe and verify the contents. After this process, the opened cards are stacked face down in a single pile and placed near Player A.
• 轮到由牌手B来打开补充包。牌手A查看。双方牌手共同查看并核对补充包的内容。在此流程后,将开得的牌面朝下地放成一堆,并放在靠近牌手A的地方。
• Player A then sorts and registers the contents of Player B's pool, and vice versa.
• 然后牌手A和牌手B各自整理并登记对方牌池的内容。
• After registration, each player returns the registered card pool to the player who originally opened the pool.
• 登记完成后,牌手将所登记的牌池还给原本开得此牌池的牌手。
• Players construct and record decks as normal.
• 牌手如常构组并登记套牌。

MTR 7.6 Draft Pod Assembly 轮抽组的分配

For Booster Draft and Team Rochester Draft tournaments, players assemble into random drafting circles (called pods) of roughly equal size at the direction of the Head Judge. Tournament officials then distribute identical sets of booster packs to each player.

Players within a pod may play only against other players within that pod. In Regular Rules Enforcement Level tournaments, the Tournament Organizer may elect to lift this restriction. This must be announced before the tournament starts.

MTR 7.7 Booster Draft Procedures 补充包轮抽程序

All players must open and draft the same type of booster at the same time. Players open their first booster pack and count the cards face down, removing token cards, rules cards, and any other non-game cards. Players who receive an erroneous number of cards at any time must immediately notify a judge. After picking up the booster, players should remove and keep any non-foil Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, or Forest basic land cards and/or any other cards that are not legal to use in the draft, unless the basic land slot in a booster can also contain other draftable cards (such as non-basic lands and checklist cards in the land slot in the Core 2019 expansion). Foil basic land cards should be left in the booster and drafted with the other cards. Players choose one card from their current booster pack and then pass the remaining cards face down to the player on their left until all cards are drafted. Once a player has removed a card from the pack and put it on top of their single, front face-down drafted pile, it is considered selected and may not be returned to the pack.

Players may not reveal the front face of their card selections or the contents of their current packs to other participants in the draft and must make a reasonable effort to keep that information from the sight of other players. Players are not permitted to reveal hidden information of any kind to other participants in the draft regarding their own picks or what they want others to pick. (Exception: This does not apply to double-faced cards, both faces of which may be revealed at any time during a draft.)

Players and teams may not look at their drafted cards between or during picks at Competitive and Professional Rules Enforcement Levels. At Regular Rules Enforcement Level, players are allowed to review their drafted cards between or during picks as long as they are holding no other cards at the same time. The Head Judge may choose to disallow this provided he or she announces it before the first draft. Between boosters there is a review period in which players may review their picks.

If the draft is not being timed, and two players do not wish to make a pick before the other player, the player closer to providing the other player with the pack picks first. If the players are equidistant, then the player in the lower seat number picks first.

After the first pack is drafted and the review period completed, players open the next pack and draft in the same fashion, except that the direction of drafting is reversed—it now proceeds to the right. This process is repeated, reversing the direction of drafting for each booster pack until all cards in all booster packs are drafted.

If a player is unable or unwilling to continue drafting, but wishes to remain in the tournament, he or she is suspended from drafting and must construct a deck from whatever cards he or she has drafted thus far. For the remainder of the draft, their picks are skipped and the draft continues with one fewer player.