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4.1. 举止违背运动道德~轻微 | 返回IPG目录 | 4.3. 举止违背运动道德~不当决定胜方

4.2 Major 严重

Penalty 处罚

Match Loss 一局负

As explained below, the penalty for this infraction is sometimes upgraded to Disqualification.


A player takes action towards one or more individuals that could reasonably be expected to create a feeling of being harassed, threatened, bullied, or stalked. This may include insults based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. Threats of physical violence should be treated as Unsporting Conduct – Aggressive Behavior.
牌手向一人或多人做出易使对方产生受骚扰、威胁、欺侮、尾随感受的不端行为。 这包括侮辱他人的人种、肤色、宗教、国籍、年龄、性别、残疾或是性取向。 肢体暴力挑衅应依照“举止违背运动道德~攻击性举止”进行处理。

It is possible for an offender to commit this infraction without intending malice or harm to the subject of the harassment.


A. A player uses a racial slur against their opponent.
A. 牌手诋毁对手的人种。
B. A player takes inappropriate photos of another player without express permission.
B. 牌手在未征得对方明确同意的情况下拍摄其他牌手的不雅照片。
C. A player asks a spectator for a date, is denied, and continues to press the issue.
C. 牌手意图约会某位旁观者,但在遭拒后依然不依不饶。
D. A player purposefully obstructs another player with the intent of inducing physical contact.
D. 牌手故意阻挡其他牌手,意图寻衅滋事。
E. A spectator uses social media to bully another player.
E. 牌手利用社交媒体欺侮其他牌手。


A safe environment is a basic expectation of any tournament attendee. Harassment undermines the safety and integrity of a tournament. Players who purposefully create harmful or unwelcoming situations in a tournament are expected to immediately correct the behavior and demonstrate remorse or be removed.
安全的比赛环境是所有参赛者最基本的预期。对他人进行骚扰会破坏比赛的安全与公正。 在比赛中故意寻衅惹事的牌手应立即改正并道歉,否则便会被逐出赛场。

Because of the confrontational nature of this infraction, judges need to end any match in progress and separate the players. Care should be taken not to escalate the situation if at all possible. The offender will be removed from the area to receive the penalty, and education about why the behavior is unacceptable regardless of excuse. They may need a few moments to cool down afterwards. Apologizing is encouraged, but the desire of the other individuals to not interact with their harasser must be respected.
由于出现次违规时双方牌手会在情绪上有所对立,裁判要终止正在进行的比赛,并将涉事双方牌手分开, 同时应尽力进行安抚,保证事态不致升级。裁判应将犯下此违规的牌手带离比赛区域,给予处罚,并教育牌手不管理由为何,都不应该进行这类行为。 此后牌手可能需要一段时间冷静。 虽然应促使双方谅解,但若受骚扰方表达出不愿再与骚扰方接触的意愿,也应予以尊重。

Officials must investigate these matters as soon as they are brought to their attention. If they determine that the infraction does not meet the criteria for Unsporting Conduct – Major, it is still recommended that the players be talked to to avoid future misunderstandings.
当有人就此行为唤起工作人员注意时,工作人员应尽快对此类事端进行调查。 即便认定有关违规不符合“举止违背运动道德~严重”的定义 ,也建议向双方牌手进行解释,以免再生误会。


The player must correct the behavior immediately. If the offense occurs at the end of a match, it is acceptable for the judge to apply the penalty to the next match instead.
牌手必须立刻改正其行为。 如果违规是发生在一局游戏结束时,裁判可以改为在下一局才让处罚生效。

Upgrade: If the offense was committed with malicious intent, the player displays no remorse, or the offense is repeated at a later time, the penalty is Disqualification and removal from the venue.