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3.3. 比赛失误~游戏进行过慢 | 返回IPG目录 | 3.5. 比赛失误~套牌问题

3.4 Decklist Problem 套牌登记表问题

Penalty 处罚

Game Loss 一盘负


The decklist is illegal, doesn’t match what the player intended to play, or needs to be modified due to card loss over the course of the tournament.

This infraction does not cover errors in registration made by another participant prior to a sealed pool swap, which should be corrected at the discretion of the judge.


A. A player in a Legacy tournament lists Mana Drain (a banned card) on their decklist.
A. 在薪传赛中,牌手在他的登记表上登记了Mana Drain(此为禁用牌)。
B. A player has a 56-card decklist. Their actual deck contains 60 cards, with four Dispels not listed.
B. 牌手的登记表上有56张。该牌手的套牌实际上有60张,其中四张云散/Dispel没有登记。
C. A player lists ‘Sarkhan’ in a format with both Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and Sarkhan Unbroken.
C. 牌手的登记表上登记了“萨坎”,而该赛制中龙语者萨坎/Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker和重获新生的萨坎/Sarkhan Unbroken这两张牌均可使用。
D. A player loses some cards and is unable to find replacement copies, making them unable to play a deck that matches their decklist.
D. 牌手丢失牌张且无法找到同样牌张替换,令其无法用符合套牌登记表的套牌比赛。
E. A player registers Ajani, Valiant Protector, but they are playing Ajani Unyielding.
E. 牌手登记的英勇卫士阿耶尼/Ajani, Valiant Protector,但实际使用刚毅阿耶尼/Ajani Unyielding。


Decklists are used to ensure that decks are not altered in the course of a tournament. Judges and other tournament officials should be vigilant about reminding players before the tournament begins of the importance of submitting a legal decklist, and playing with a legal deck. A player normally receives a Game Loss if their decklist is altered after tournament play has begun.
套牌登记表是用以确定套牌内容没有在比赛过程中变动。 裁判和工作人员在比赛开始前,应该主动提醒牌手须登记合法的套牌登记表,也要以合法的套牌来进行比赛。 如果牌手在比赛开始之后因故须更新牌表,他通常会受到一盘负之处罚。

Penalties for decklist errors discovered outside the context of the match and its procedures (such as those discovered through decklist counting) are issued at the start of the next match unless the judge believes there is strong evidence the deck itself is illegal.

Ambiguous or unclear names on a decklist may allow a player to manipulate the contents of their deck up until the point at which they are discovered. Truncated names of storyline characters on decklists (planeswalkers and other legendary permanents) are acceptable as long as they are the only representation of that character in the format and are treated as referring to that card, even if other cards begin with the same name.
登记表上模棱两可或是不明确的名称,会让牌手有机会在被发现之前操作他们的实际套牌内容。 对于套牌登记表上故事角色的名字(鹏洛客及其他传奇永久物),只要在此赛制中含有该名称的合法卡片只有一张,便可允许使用该角色名字之缩写。这类简写被视为指代前述之合法卡片,而非其他具有相同开头名称的牌张。

The Head Judge may choose to not issue this penalty if they believe that what the player wrote on their decklist is obvious and unambiguous, even if it is not the full, accurate name of the card. In Limited tournaments, the Head Judge may choose not to issue this penalty for incorrectly marked basic land counts if they believe the correct land count is obvious. This should be determined solely by what is written on the decklist, and not based on intent given the actual contents of the deck; needing to check the deck for confirmation is a sign that the entry is not obvious.


If the decklist contains illegal cards, remove them.

Alter the decklist to match the deck the player is actually playing. If the deck/sideboard and decklist both violate a maximum cards restriction (usually too many cards in a sideboard, more than four of a card, or the same card in two decks in a Unified Constructed format), remove cards as directed by the player to make the decklist legal.
将登记表按照实际使用的套牌组成进行更改。 如果套牌/备牌和套牌登记表同时违反最大张数限制(一般为备牌数量过多,同一张牌超过四张,或在使用“套牌联合构组规则”的赛制中于多于一副套牌内使用了同一张牌),则根据牌手的指示移除牌张,确保套牌登记表合法。

If the deck contains too few cards, the player chooses to add any combination of cards named Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain or Forest to reach the minimum number. Alter the decklist to reflect this. These changes may be reverted without penalty if the player is subsequently able to locate identical replacements to legal original cards.
如果套牌张数过少,该牌手选择加入任意组成且牌名为平原、海岛、沼泽、山脉、或树林的牌,直到满足张数下限为止。然后照此更改套牌登记表。 如果牌手之后能够找到与原本合法牌张相同的卡牌加以替代,则可以复原此更动,不会再度处罚。