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第二章 - 游戏行动失误 | 返回IPG目录 | 2.2. 游戏行动失误~额外看牌

2.1 Missed Trigger 遗漏触发

Penalty 处罚

None 无


A triggered ability triggers, but the player controlling the ability doesn’t demonstrate awareness of the trigger’s existence the first time that it would affect the game in a visible fashion.

The point by which the player needs to demonstrate this awareness depends on the impact that the trigger would have on the game:

• A triggered ability that requires its controller to choose targets (other than 'target opponent'), modes, or other choices made when the ability is put onto the stack: The controller must announce those choices before they next pass priority.
• 对于需要其操控者选择目标(注记“目标对手”者除外)、模式,或具在将异能放进堆叠时便需作出决定之其他选择的触发式异能而言:其操控者必须在其下一次让出优先权之前宣告该些决定。

• A triggered ability that causes a change in the visible game state (including life totals) or requires a choice upon resolution: The controller must take the appropriate physical action or acknowledge the specific trigger before taking any game actions (such as casting a sorcery spell or explicitly taking an action in the next step or phase) that can be taken only after the triggered ability should have resolved. Note that passing priority, casting an instant spell or activating an ability doesn’t mean a triggered ability has been forgotten, as it could still be on the stack.
• 对于会对游戏的可见状态(包括牌手的总生命)产生影响,或是需要在结算时作出决定的触发式异能而言:其操控者在执行只有在该触发式异能结算完毕之后才有可能进行的任何游戏动作(例如施放法术咒语,或明确执行了下一个步骤或阶段中的动作)之前,就必须作出与此类触发式异能相对应的实际动作,或表明自己认识此触发的存在。 请注意,让过优先权、施放瞬间咒语或起动异能这类动作并不表明牌手已遗忘触发式异能,因为在此情况下该触发式异能可能仍在堆叠之上。

• A triggered ability that changes the rules of the game: The controller must acknowledge the trigger or stop an opponent who tries to take any resulting illegal action.
• 对于改变了游戏规则的触发式异能而言:其操控者必须认识此触发,或在对手尝试执行因此变为不合法的动作时阻止之。

• A triggered ability that affects the game state in non-visible ways: The controller must make the change known by the first time the change has an effect on the visible game state.
• 对于会以不可见的方式对游戏状态产生影响的触发式异能而言:其操控者必须于此类触发首度对游戏的可见状态造成影响时,让所有人知晓影响为何。

Once any of the above obligations has been fulfilled, further problems are treated as a Game Play Error — Game Rule Violation.

Triggered abilities that do nothing except create delayed triggered abilities automatically resolve without requiring acknowledgment. Awareness of the resulting delayed trigger must be demonstrated at the appropriate point. Triggered abilities that do nothing except create one or more copies of a spell or ability (such as storm or cipher) automatically resolve, but awareness of the resulting objects must be demonstrated using the same requirements as described above (even though the objects may not be triggered abilities).
对于只会产生延时触发式异能,而没有其他效应的触发式异能而言,此类触发会自动结算,牌手不需特别指出此类触发的存在。牌手必须在恰当的时点,表明自己认识到因此产生之延时触发式异能的存在。 对于只会产生咒语或异能之一个或数个复制品,而没有其他效应的触发式异能(例如风暴或暗码)而言,此类触发会自动结算,但牌手仍需依照上文所述的要求,在相应时点表明自己认识到由此产生之各物件的存在(就算此类物件不属于触发式异能也是一样)。

Abilities consisting of an action followed by “when you do” in the same ability are considered communicated by the announcement of the action. This is most commonly the case for exert and similar abilities.

If a triggered ability would have no impact on the game, it’s not an infraction to fail to demonstrate awareness of it. For example, if the effect of a triggered ability instructs its controller to sacrifice a creature, a player who controls no creatures isn’t required to demonstrate awareness of the ability. Similarly, a player demonstrating awareness of an optional trigger with no visible effect is assumed to have made the affirmative choice unless the opponent responds.
如果某个触发式异能不会对游戏造成影响,则就算牌手没有认识到此触发的存在,也不会算作违规。 举例来说,若某触发式异能的效应要求此异能的操控者牺牲一个生物,则未操控生物的牌手并不需要特别指出该触发的存在。 类似地,如果某牌手表明自己认识到无可见效应之非强制性触发的存在,则除非对手有回应,否则便应视为其已选择依可选项行事。

Judges do not intervene in a missed trigger situation unless they intend to issue a Warning or have reason to suspect that the controller is intentionally missing their triggered abilities.

A player controlling another player is responsible for that player’s triggers in addition to their own.


A. Knight of Infamy (a 2/1 creature with exalted) attacks alone. Its controller says “Take two.”
A. 恶名骑士/Knight of Infamy(2/1生物,具颂威异能)单独攻击。其操控者说“中两点。”

B. A player forgets to remove the final time counter from a suspended spell and then draws a card during their draw step.
B. 牌手忘记从已延缓的咒语上移去最后一个计时指示物,并在其抓牌步骤中抓了一张牌。

C. A player casts Manic Vandal, then forgets its triggered ability by not choosing a target for it. They realize this only after casting another spell.
C. 牌手施放了疯狂莽夫/Manic Vandal,但并未为其触发式异能选择目标,遗忘了此触发。等到施放另外一个咒语的时候,他们才发现遗忘了此触发。

D. A player forgets to exile the Angel token created by Geist of Saint Traft at end of combat. They realize the error when declaring blockers during the next turn.
D. 在战斗结束的时候,牌手忘记放逐圣沙弗的游魂/Geist of Saint Traft产生的天使衍生物。等到下一个回合宣告阻挡者的时候,他们才发现这个失误。


Triggered abilities are common and invisible, so players should not be harshly penalized when forgetting about one. Players are expected to remember their own triggered abilities; intentionally ignoring one may be Unsporting Conduct — Cheating (unless the ability would have no impact on the game as described above). Even if an opponent is involved in the announcement or resolution of the ability, the controller is still responsible for ensuring the opponents make the appropriate choices and take the appropriate actions. Opponents are not required to point out triggered abilities that they do not control, though they may do so if they wish.
触发式异能属于常见异能,且其机制较为隐蔽,因此不应在牌手忘记处理该类异能时即对其采取严厉的惩罚措施。 牌手应记得属于自己的触发式异能;蓄意忽略触发式异能的行为应视作“举止违背运动道德~作弊”(除非该异能如上文所述,对游戏没有任何影响)。 就算在异能宣告或结算的时候,需要对手进行相应选择,该异能的操控者也应对此负责,确保对手作出恰当的决定或执行了合适的动作。对手不需指出不由自己操控的遗漏触发,不过如果他们希望指出的话,也可以如此作。

Triggered abilities are assumed to be remembered until otherwise indicated, and the impact on the game state may not be immediately apparent. The opponent’s benefit is in not having to point out triggered abilities, although this does not mean that they can cause triggers to be missed. If an opponent requires information about the precise timing of a triggered ability or needs details about a game object that may be affected by a resolved triggered ability, that player may need to acknowledge that ability’s existence before its controller does. A player who makes a play that may or may not be legal depending on whether an uncommunicated opponent’s trigger has been remembered has not committed an infraction; their play either succeeds, confirming that the trigger has been missed, or is rewound.
除非有迹象表明触发式异能已遭遗忘,否则应视作牌手始终记得触发式异能的存在,同时触发式异能对游戏状态产生的影响也有可能不会即刻显现出来。 对于对手而言,虽然无须指出触发式异能这点对己有利,但这并不意味着可以主动致使他人遗漏触发。 如果对手要求知道某个触发式异能的确切触发时机,或需要了解可能会受到已结算之触发式异能影响的某个游戏物件的详细信息,则该牌手便可能需要在该异能的操控者尚未表明自己认识到该异能存在的情况下,提前指出这个触发式异能。 如果牌手做出的某个游戏动作,其结果需根据是否记得未进行过沟通的对手的触发式异能才能判断是否合法,则这位牌手的行为并未触犯任何违规;他们这一游戏动作或就此成功~同时确认该触发确已遗漏~或会被倒回。

Players may not cause triggered abilities controlled by an opponent to be missed by taking game actions or otherwise prematurely advancing the game. During an opponent’s turn, if a trigger’s controller demonstrates awareness of the trigger before they take an active role (such as taking an action or explicitly passing priority), the trigger is remembered. The Out-of-Order Sequencing rules (MTR section 4.3) may also be applicable, especially as they relate to batches of actions or resolving items on the stack in an improper order.
牌手不得通过执行游戏动作或其他贸然推进游戏进程的手段,以致使对手遗漏由其操控的触发式异能。 在对手的回合中,如果触发的操控者在他们担任主动角色之前(例如进行游戏动作或明确让过优先权)表明自己认识到触发存在,便视作他们记得此触发。 次序不当的行事顺序之相关规则(MTR第4.3节)亦应纳入考量,因为这部分规则与未以恰当顺序进行一系列动作或结算堆叠上的多个物件有关。


If the triggered ability is an enters-the-battlefield trigger of an Aura that affects only the enchanted permanent and causes a visible change to that permanent, resolve the ability immediately.

If the triggered ability is a delayed triggered ability that undoes a zone change (including token creation) caused by the spell or ability that created the delayed triggered ability, the opponent chooses whether to resolve the ability the next time a player would get priority or when a player would get priority at the start of the next phase.

For all other triggered abilities, if the ability was missed prior to the current phase in the previous turn, instruct the players to continue playing. If the triggered ability created an effect whose duration has already expired, instruct the players to continue playing.
对所有其他触发式异能而言,以前一回合中相同的阶段为限,如果发生遗漏异能此事的时机早于此限,则令牌手继续游戏。 如果属于该触发式异能产生之效应的持续时限已结束的情况,则令牌手继续游戏。

If the triggered ability isn’t covered by the previous paragraphs, the opponent chooses whether the triggered ability is added to the stack. If it is, it’s inserted at the appropriate place on the stack if possible or on the bottom of the stack. No player may make choices involving objects that would not have been legal choices when the ability should have triggered. For example, if the ability instructs a player to sacrifice a creature, that player can't sacrifice a creature that wasn't on the battlefield when the ability should have triggered.
如果该触发式异能不属于前面段落所述之情况,则由对手选择是否要将该触发式异能加入堆叠。 如果要将异能加入堆叠,则将该异能插入堆叠中其原本应处的位置(若能如此作)或是堆叠底。 牌手在为该异能作选择时,不得涉及于此异能原本应触发的时点尚不在相应区域当中的物件。 举例来说,如果该异能令牌手牺牲一个生物,则该牌手不得牺牲于此异能本应触发之时点尚不在战场上的生物。

Upgrade: If the triggered ability is usually considered detrimental for the controlling player and they own the card responsible for the existence of the trigger, the penalty is a Warning. The current game state is not a factor in determining this, though symmetrical abilities (such as Howling Mine) may be considered usually detrimental or not depending on who is being affected.
升级:如果该触发式异能属于“通常认为对其操控牌手不利”,且由操控牌手拥有的牌张产生,则罚则为警告。 在判断异能性质时,不应考虑当前的游戏状态,但对于对等触发的异能而言(例如嚎叫的矿井/Howling Mine),则可根据当前受其影响的牌手来判断此异能是否属于通常认为之不利异能。