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MTR 9. 双头巨人赛规则

MTR 9.1 Match Structure 对局结构

Two-Headed Giant matches consist of one game. All players from the two teams play in the same game.

Drawn games (games without a winner) do not count toward the one game. As long as match time allows, the match continues until a team has won a game.

MTR 9.2 Communication Rules 交流规则

Teammates may communicate with each other at any time.

MTR 9.3 Play-Draw Rule 先手规则

A team determined at random chooses either to play first or to play second. The choice must be made before either player on that team looks at his or her hand. If either player on that team looks at his or her hand before their choice is made, that team plays first. The team who plays first skips the draw step of their first turn.

MTR 9.4 Pregame Procedure 游戏前程序

1. Players decide which teammate will be the primary player and which teammate will be the secondary player. Players should be seated with the primary player to the right of his or her teammate. Players can choose a different primary and secondary player before each match.
1. 一支队伍中的两位牌手决定何者为主要牌手,何者为次要牌手。就座时,每支队伍的主要牌手应坐在其队友的右手边。在每一局开始之前,每支队伍都能重新选择主要和次要牌手。
2. Players shuffle their decks.
2. 牌手洗自己的套牌。
3. Players present their decks to their opponents for additional shuffling.
3. 双方牌手将套牌交给对手来再次洗牌。
4. The appropriate team must decide whether to play first or second at this point, if they have not done so already (see section 9.3)
4. 如果还未决定,相关团队应于此时决定先手还是后手(参见第9.3节)。
5. Each player draws seven cards. Optionally, these cards may be dealt face down on the table.
5. 每位牌手抓七张牌。牌手可选择先将该些牌以面朝下的方式发到桌面上。
6. Each player, in turn order, decides whether to mulligan. (Rules on Two-Headed Giant mulligans can be found in the Magic Comprehensive Rules, rule 103.4c)
6. 每位牌手依照回合顺序来决定是否要再调度。(双头巨人赛中再调度的规则可于《万智牌完整规则》规则103.4c中找到。)

Once players have completed their mulligans, the game can begin.

MTR 9.5 Two-Headed Giant Constructed Rules 双头巨人构组赛规则

Two-Headed Giant Constructed tournaments use Unified Deck Construction rules (see section 8.4).
双头巨人构组赛使用「套牌联合构组规则」(请参见第 8.4 节)。

In addition to cards banned in particular formats, the following card is banned in ALL Two-Headed Giant Constructed tournaments (Vintage, Legacy, Modern, and Block Constructed):

  • 入圣空民伟代/Erayo, Soratami Ascendant

Sideboards are not allowed in constructed Two-Headed Giant tournaments.

MTR 9.6 Two-Headed Giant Limited Rules 双头巨人限制赛规则

All the rules for Limited Tournaments (Section 7) apply, except as described below.
除下列所述各条外,其余为限制赛所制定的规则(第 7 节)皆适用。

Eight boosters per team are recommended for Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck tournaments and six boosters per team for Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft tournaments. For the recommended product mix for the current block, refer to Appendix D.
在此建议,双头巨人现开赛中,发给每支队伍八包补充包;双头巨人轮抽赛中,发给每支队伍六包补充包。关于当前环境下所推荐的产品构成,请参见附录 D。

Cards not used in a team’s starting decks are considered a shared sideboard by the two players that both players can access.

MTR 9.7 Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft Tournaments 双头巨人补充包轮抽赛

Teams (not players) assemble into random drafting circles (called pods) of roughly equal size at the direction of the Head Judge. Teammates sit next to each other. Tournament officials then distribute identical booster packs to each team in the pod.

After opening and counting the cards in their first pack, the team chooses two cards from the booster pack then passes the remaining cards face down to the team on its left. Selected cards may be placed into one or two piles. The cards chosen are not assigned to a particular player; they become part of a pool out of which both players will build their decks. The open packs are passed around the drafting pod—with each team taking two cards from each before passing—until all cards are drafted.

For the second pack, the direction of drafting is reversed as usual. Thus, the overall draft direction is left–right–left–right–left–right.