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1.0 General 一般原则

Judges are neutral arbiters and enforcers of policy and rules. A judge shouldn’t intervene in a game unless they believe a rules violation has occurred, a player with a concern or question requests assistance, or the judge wishes to prevent a situation from escalating. Judges don’t stop play errors from occurring, but instead deal with errors that have occurred, penalize those who violate rules or policy, and promote fair play and sporting conduct by example and diplomacy. Judges may intervene to prevent or preempt errors occurring outside of a game. Knowledge of a player’s history or skill does not alter an infraction, but it may be taken into account during an investigation.
裁判是中立的裁决者,也是政策与规则的执法者。 通常情况下,裁判不应干预游戏的进行,但在此数类情况下,裁判应及时介入:裁判认为已有人违反规则,抱有顾虑或疑问的牌手请求协助,或裁判希望防止局势恶化。 裁判并不会阻止游戏失误的发生,而是会去解决已发生之失误,处罚违反规则和政策的牌手,并以身体力行和交际手腕来宣导公平的比赛和运动道德。 为避免或预防游戏之外的失误发生,裁判可以介入。 对某牌手过去作为与游戏技巧的认知不会影响违规的认定,但在调查过程中或会将这些方面考虑在内。

The purpose of a penalty is to educate the player not to make similar mistakes in the future. This is done through both an explanation of where the rules or policies were violated and a penalty to reinforce the education. Penalties are also for the deterrence and education of every other player in the event and are also used to track player behavior over time.
处罚的目的是为了避免牌手在往后犯下类似的失误。 为达成此目标,必须向该牌手解释所违反之规则或政策,使处罚有其教育意义。 处罚的效果也包括教育比赛中其他牌手并造成警惕,且会用来持续记录牌手的行为。

If a minor violation is quickly handled by the players to their mutual satisfaction, a judge does not need to intervene. If the players are playing in a way that is clear to both players, but might cause confusion to an external observer, judges are encouraged to request that the players make the situation clear, but not assess an infraction or issue any penalty. In both these situations, the judge should ensure that the game progresses normally. More significant violations are addressed by first identifying what infraction applies, then proceeding with the corresponding instructions.
如果违反规则的情况较为轻微,且牌手已以双方均满意的方式进行了快速处理,则裁判无需干预。 如果游戏的进行方式虽对双方牌手足够明晰,但在旁观者看来或会混淆不清,则建议裁判去要求牌手让情况更加清楚,而不要给予任何处罚。 在上述两种情况中,裁判应确保游戏正常进行。 对于较为严重之违反规则情况而言,裁判应先确定适用何种违规,然后再根据相应的处理方式进行处理。

Only the Head Judge is authorized to issue penalties that deviate from these guidelines. The Head Judge may not deviate from this guide’s procedures except in significant and exceptional circumstances or a situation that has no applicable philosophy for guidance. Significant and exceptional circumstances are rare—a table collapses, a booster contains cards from a different set, etc. The Rules Enforcement Level, round of the tournament, age or experience-level of the player, desire to educate the player, and certification level of the judge are NOT exceptional circumstances. If another judge feels deviation is appropriate, they must consult with the Head Judge.
只有主审才有权力不依此方针来作处罚。 除非在重大且特殊的状况中,或是没有可供运用的指导原则,否则主审都不该背离此方针的处理流程。 重大且特殊的状况很少见~桌子垮掉、补充包内含其他系列的牌等等。 执法严格度、比赛的回合、牌手的经验高低和年龄、特别想教育该牌手,以及裁判的等级,均不算是特殊状况。 如果其他裁判认为有理由不遵循罚则方针,则必须请示主审。

Judges are human and make mistakes. When a judge makes a mistake, they should acknowledge the mistake, apologize to the players, and fix it if it is not too late. If a member of the tournament staff gives a player erroneous information that causes them to commit a violation, the Head Judge is authorized to downgrade the penalty. For example, a player asks a judge whether a card is legal for a format and is told yes. When that player’s deck is found to be illegal because of these cards, the Head Judge applies the normal procedure for fixing the decklist, but may downgrade the penalty to a Warning because of the direct error of the judge. If a player clearly acts on erroneous information provided by a judge during the game, the Head Judge may consider a backup to the point of the action taken, even if that action did not lead to a violation.
裁判也是常人,也会犯下错误。若裁判确实出现了失误,他应承认错误,向牌手致歉,且如果发现尚属及时,还应该进行修正。 如果牌手是因比赛工作人员提供的错误信息而犯下违规,主审有权将罚则降级。 举例来说,某牌手询问裁判某张牌是否在该赛制中合法时,裁判回答他说“是”;此后当该牌手的套牌因为这张牌之故被判为非法套牌时,主审应依照正常的规程来修正套牌登记表,但由于是裁判的失误直接导致了此违规行为的发生,他可以将罚则降级为“警告”。如果牌手明显是根据裁判提供的错误信息而在游戏中行动,在主审可以考虑倒回至实际行动前之时点,即便相关行动并未违规也可如此操作。 如果牌手明显是根据裁判提供的错误信息而在游戏中行动,在主审可以考虑倒回至实际行动前之时点,即便相关行动并未违规也可如此操作。