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所有裁判的义务 Responsibility for all judges

The judges are there to serve the players and keep the tournament fair.

All judges should do the following:

  • Answer questions players ask within a game, without misleading them;
  • 回答牌手在比赛中提出的问题,不应以文字游戏误导牌手;
  • Prevent problems if possible, not to fish for penalties;
  • 应尽力防止问题出现而不是处罚问题,不应钓鱼执法;
  • Let players know that they should appeal when they disagree with you;
  • 在牌手对给出的判罚表示出不理解的时候,应该主动提出牌手可以上诉主审确认判罚;
  • Let spectators know that they need to keep quiet and respect players that are still playing;
  • 提醒旁观者在观看过程中需要保持安静,尊重比赛中的牌手;
  • During the day straighten chairs, collect garbage, and provide players a clean environment;
  • 在巡场过程中应及时摆正桌椅,清理垃圾,给牌手一个干净整洁的比赛环境;
  • 10 min before end of each round, all judges who are not watching a match should report to the main station, help logistic with end-of-round procedure;
  • 每轮结束前10分钟,没有在关注某桌的裁判应到主席台集合,等待后勤组组长做裁判分配;
  • Notify staff about illegal card dealers, and let them handle it.
  • 在注意到有违法贩售单卡的牌手时应及时通知工作人员,让工作人员处理。

Other things:

  • Judges often forget about breaks when judging, so please remember to ask team leads for breaks and drink lots of water;
  • 裁判在执法过程中经常忘记休息,所以请记得向组长申请休息时间,并大量饮用水;
  • If unsure about your ruling, the right move is to inform players that you have to confirm with another judge, step aside from the table and ask another judge;
  • 如果不确定一个判罚,正确的做法是告诉牌手你需要找另外一个裁判确定,然后不要在牌手面前而是离开一些距离询问另一位裁判;
  • When giving a penalty of game loss or higher (with the exception of tardiness or deck errors), confirm with a L3+ judge;
  • 如果将给出非迟到非套牌问题的一盘负以上的判罚,请找3级以上裁判确认;
  • When backing up a situation, normally it should be confirmed with the HJ, but at a GP this can also be confirmed by a L3+ judge;
  • 倒退的情况一般应该找主审确认,但是GP上我们一帮降为找任何3级以上裁判确认;
  • When translating, only translate between the handling judge and players, do not step in and take over the judge call。
  • 当翻译时,只作为处理问题的裁判和牌手之间单纯的翻译,不要直接接手处理。

写判罚的格式 How to write a penalty

Write “P” in the top right corner on front side of the result entry slip, this is to notify score keeper to look at the back side; on the back side, write: judge name (first, last) – player name (last, first, same order as front side) - infraction – penalty – details.

Sometimes, a player doesn’t show up, in this case only write “No Show” on front side behind player name and check drop, and leave back side blank.
一般情况下,如果判罚是因一方未出现而判罚一盘负并放弃比赛时,作为特例仅在正面牌手名后写上No Show并勾选弃权,不再在背面写判罚。

分组 Teams

Judges often break into teams at large events with many judges.

Teams are often:

  • Paper: in charge of post pairings, standings, seatings, and hand out result slips;
  • Paper(张贴组):一般负责的内容包括张贴配对、排名、座位等,发成绩条;
  • Deckcheck: in charge of checking decks during each round, count and sort all deck lists;
  • Deckcheck(DC,查套牌组):负责每轮检查套牌,整理清点所有套牌登记表;
  • Logistic: distribute table numbers, end-of-round procedure, organize judges to hand out product and such, distribute lands, and everything not taken care of by other teams, such like clock and feature match;
  • Logistic(后勤):布置桌号,每轮结束时裁判分配,限制赛中组织分发产品等以及分发基本地,以及所有其它团队没有顾及的工作,比如计时器和焦点对局;
  • *Floor: coordinate floor coverage;
  • *Floor(巡场):负责分配巡场范围,保证裁判分布;

Note: not all tournaments have teams with *.

Each team has a team lead and multiple team members. The team leads work with the head judge on team assignments (for example, how many decks to check each round), carry out all assigned tasks, arrange breaks for all members, delivers information to all members.

If a judge needs to know anything or needs to discuss, he or she should look for the corresponding team lead. Team leads should know the current assignments for his or her members; a team member should let their leads know if they need to leave the floor for anything.

After the day, the team lead should sit down with members to talk about situations happened during the day, and provide both positive and negative feedbacks.

裁判的着装和行为 Dress code

Judges should wear black shoes (no sleepers), black long pants, belt, and judge uniform shirt. Judges can also wear black or white undershirt. Judges should dress clean, uniform should be ironed. Judges shouldn’t wear too much accessories.

Judges should try to avoid personally phone calls or personal talks with players, and shouldn’t be trading or go to dealer tables. They should be done during break without uniform.