wrap 包装文本插件


class namedescription/notes
columns – similar to columns, side_note, styler, tip
column same as left in LTR languages and same as right in RTL languages
left same as column, will let you float your container on the left
right will let the container float right
center will position the container in the horizontal center of the page
col2..col5 will show the text in multiple columns (2, 3, 4 or 5), only works in modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari)
widths:!: experimental, might not work as expected, includes mobile support
half fits two columns in a row, should be used in pairs
third fits three columns in a row, should be used in triplets
quarter fits four columns in a row, should be used in quads
alignments – similar to divalign, columns, styler:!: don't work with spans!
leftalign aligns text on the left
rightalign aligns text on the right
centeralign centers the text
justify justifies the text
boxes and notes – similar to box, note, tip
box creates a box around the container (uses colours from style.ini)
info (was information in first version) creates a blue box with an info icon
important creates an orange box with an important icon
alert (:!: was warning in previous versions) creates a red box with a alert icon
tip creates a yellow box with a tip icon
help creates a violet box with a help icon
todo creates a cyan box with an todo icon
download creates a green box with a download icon
round adds rounded corners to any container with a background colour or a border (only works in modern browsers, i.e. no IE)
danger creates a red danger safety note
warning creates an orange warning safety note
caution creates a yellow caution safety note
notice creates a blue notice safety note
safety creates a green safety note
marks – similar to emphasis, important_paragraf, importanttext
hi marks text as highlighted
lo marks text as less significant
em marks text as especially emphasised
clear similar to clearfloat, should preferably be used with divs, i.e. uppercase <WRAP>s
tabs if wrapped around a list of links, will show those as tabs
hide hides the text per CSS (the text will still appear in the source code, in non-modern browsers and is searchable)
noprint displays text on the screen, but not in print, similar to noprint
onlyprint displays text only in print, but not on the screen
pagebreak forces a new page in printouts (not visible on the screen), similar to pagebreak
nopagebreak tries to avoid a pagebreak in printouts (not visible on the screen)
spoiler shows white text on a white background, only to be revealed by highlighting it; similar to hide
indent indents the text, could be used instead of tab
outdent “outdents” the text, could partly be used instead of outdent
prewrap wraps text inside pre-formatted code blocks, similar to wpre

All tables inside a column or box will always be 100% wide. This makes positioning and sizing tables possible and partly replaces tablewidth.

box 文本框插件

A simple box:

<box> the box contents </box>

Some more complex boxes

<box 80% round orange|a title> the box contents</box>
<box 50% left blue>the box contents</box|a caption>
<box 60% round #f99 #fc9 #fcc #f60|title>the box contents</box|caption>

The full syntax:

<box width classes colours | title text> contents text </box>

  • width — any legal CSS width value
  • classes — any number of classes which use the styles in your template or the plugin's own stylesheet to determine the look of the box. The box plugins comes with the following classes already defined:
    • round — box will have rounded corners
    • blue — blue colour scheme
    • red — red colour scheme
    • green — green colour scheme
    • orange — orange colour scheme
    • left — float the box left within the wiki page
    • right — float the box right within the wiki page

if no classes are specified the default styles will be used, that is square corners in a colour scheme based on the default DokuWiki colour scheme.

  • colours — 1-4 colours in CSS hex or RGB notation, e.g. #F00 #fcab94 rgb(255,255,0). The colours are applied in order to:
    1. content background
    2. title background
    3. outer box background
    4. borders

if less than four colours are specified, the first colour is used for the missing colours.

  • title text — text (including DokuWiki markup) displayed above the box contents, with distinct style.
  • caption text — text (no markup allowed) displayed below the box contents, with distinct style.

The opening <box … > including the title must all appear on one line. The box contents can appear over as many lines as are needed.

include 包含页面插件


{{page>wiki:syntax#Tables}} will include the section about tables of the syntax page.

{{namespace>project_foo}} will include all pages in the project_foo namespace.

{{page>blog:mypage&tags&comments}} will include the page blog:mypage and show the tags from the tag plugin and the number of comments from the discussion plugin. Both plugins need to be installed for this example.

{{tagtopic>testtag}} will include all pages with the tag testtag, the tag plugin needs to be installed for this example.


Simply enclose the ID of the page to be included in double curly brackets:

[id] page ID of the page to include; some macros are possible; shortcuts are resolved (:, ., ..) required
[section] limits the included page to a specific section and its subsections optional; default is the whole page
[tag]include pages with tag topic tag, requires plugin:tag required
[flags] flags delimited by &, see flags optional

The plugin offers four syntaxes, {{page>...}} , {{section>...}} , {{namespace>...}} and {{tagtopic>...}}.

Section is aimed more at including sections, page at including whole pages and namespace at including whole namespaces. Tagtopic includes all pages with a tagtopic tag.

color 颜色插件

Place this code sample in your playground:

<color blue/lightgrey>text</color>
<color #FF0000>text</color>

bbcode 论坛标签插件


Basic Formatting:

[b]bold text[/b]
[i]italic text[/i]

Code and Quoting:

[code]<?php echo $text;
[quote="Esther"]DokuWiki is great![/quote]

Links and Images:

[url=http://www.kaffeehaus.ch]Esthers Kaffeehaus Blog[/url]

The [url] parameter can be optionally quoted.


[list][*]item 1[*]item 2[*]item 3[/list]
[list=1][*]item 1[*]item 2[*]item 3[/list]  attribute: 1, a, A, i or I

Text size:

[size=90%]smaller text[/size]               attribute: CSS units (px, em, %, ...), single-digit, or keywords like small; can be optionally quoted

Text color:

[color=red]colored text[/color]             attribute: color name, "browser-color" name, #fff[fff] or rgb(255,255,255); can be optionally quoted

imagebox 图片框